About us

Canstudent is a non-profit project that has been designed to support international students in Canada. The project is called “Academic Transition” and is based on an award-winning digital concept. We are a company with much more social purposes, we want international students to find a website where they can interact and obtain valuable information for them. The website was voluntarily […]

Canstudent – Student Portal

Canstudent is a website created to support international students who want to prepare for and study in Canada. Our purpose is to offer free products and services to the registered student community so that they can establish direct and transparent communication with the rest of the members of the site and from wherever they are. Currently, there is a Pandemic […]

How can i bring my family being an international student in Canada?

If you are a young immigrant and you are studying in Canada, you most likely want to bring your family to the country with you so that they can enjoy the benefits and opportunities that the country has to offer its citizens and immigrants. Well, although it seems like a difficult idea to materialize if there is the possibility of […]

How to get a job in Canada if you are an immigrant?

Canada is a country full of opportunities and wealth that make it a very attractive and ideal place for many people who want to migrate, build a new destination, and a better future. The legal procedures to reside and practice a profession in that country merit some prior and mandatory procedures that must be followed. Additionally, there are certain recommendations […]

How to survive during the pandemic in Canada?

The COVID-19 pandemic that has elapsed throughout 2020 has filled us with challenges that the international students and the entire population worldwide has had to face. As time passes and the virus persists in the world, many Canadians ask themselves the question: How to survive during the pandemic in Canada? Confinement and the health measures that must be followed according […]

Do you wish to Study In Canada?

How Canada becomes the best destination for your studies?            Canada is the maximum vital united states in North America and consists of 10 provinces and three territories. Canada is one in all the maximum stable countries, with the fine requirements of living within the world. It is one in all the well-known locations for vocational […]

Corona virus (covid 19) International student support Canada.

Several students are concerned of their study abroad dream, due to lockdown restriction enforced in various countries in the world leading to stoppage of classes and visa processes. Many may assume studying abroad doesn’t look possible this year, some will look for another plans. Don’t worry your programs may delay but not cancelled. Since studying abroad is a long process, […]

Student Accommodation In Canada.

Canada not only attracts tourists from all around the world, but it also attracts students. The very first thing comes in your mind for any freshers are finding student accommodation in Canada. Either it maybe short term or long term. For students who are flying for their higher studies definitely long term accommodation is the best option. You can sort […]


Facebook : canstudent_support Instagram : Canstudent Email: support@canstudent.ca Canstudent is designed to support every aspect of students throughout their journey. This project would be an open platform for everyone to contribute their skills and services without expecting any monetary benefits.Our journey begins when a student dreams about Canada until the day they graduate. Our primary goal is to eliminate a […]