About us

Canstudent is a non-profit project that has been designed to support international students in Canada. The project is called “Academic Transition” and is based on an award-winning digital concept. We are a company with much more social purposes, we want international students to find a website where they can interact and obtain valuable information for them.

The website was voluntarily designed by university students. Basically, Canstudent is a website-based project to host with useful tools and content that serves to enrich international students and help them overcome academic challenges during the course of their studies.The information on the website offers international students a clear idea about Canadian education and what its process is like, provides free advice so that students do not feel lost and receive appropriate support throughout the academic transition process. Also, It is a place to interact, share thoughts, and ask questions.

The scope of our project is aimed entirely at students and all those services related to them and which they should normally enjoy to successfully pursue the academic career they have chosen. Canstudent has been developed to meet the student requirements of different levels and thus achieve an open and transparent interaction between students and teachers.Another of the benefits of this website is that it represents an integrated window for both international students and schools of different levels, universities, teachers, and consultants.

Castudent’s Vision

Website designed primarily to support during their corresponding academic period all international students who want to participate and interact on the platform.The main approach with which the platform has been created is to mitigate the initial struggle and all those inconveniences that they usually face during their student career.Our team works hard to do everything possible to attend to all the problems that international students present, we are responsible for the information that each participant provides us and we help them in the best possible.

Castudent’s Mission

Canstudent’s mission is to eliminate all the confusion that registered international students have and provide them with the necessary support and tools to do so with the help of Helpdesk. We serve as an absolute gateway to provide all international students with the services they need to develop and successfully complete their studies, we have a student-centered system that is responsible for providing timely response and attention according to the specific requirement of each of them.We are an open platform that provides easily accessible skills and services to the student community and to all those who want to register and be part of our community.

Join Now

We invite you to be part of our community so that you can enjoy all the services and support we have to offer for free. Our purpose is to help you make the student journey lighter so that you can successfully complete your goals. We want you to be able to take advantage of the resources we have to share and that are useful to write your story. We intend to continue growing more and more and to be able to provide you with better tools and valuable information.