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Corona virus (covid 19) International student support Canada.

Corona virus (covid 19) International student support Canada.

Several students are concerned of their study abroad dream, due to lockdown restriction enforced in various countries in the world leading to stoppage of classes and visa processes. Many may assume studying abroad doesn’t look possible this year, some will look for another plans. Don’t worry your programs may delay but not cancelled. Since studying abroad is a long process, students will get into way too much by mentally and financially. It is difficult to reshape one’s entire life plan due to the current situation. Worry not, there is always an alternate for every plans. International student support Canada is grateful to provide you all the instructions and guideline for all your regarding. The intension of the International student support Canada is to clarify all the misgivings of the Canada government. During the process of application or renewal the students in Canada can continue study and work. But students who got permit after March 2020 are not allowed to fly Canada.

Temporary work permit:

The students are allowed to work more than 20 hours per week if they satisfy rule such as:

  • A study allow holder in an academic session
  • Eligible to work off-campus
  • providing an important service

since it is a temporary rule it may change after august .


The On campus students are determined to stay associated with their Canadian host institutions, to get updates on housing services and support from the international students support Canada.

Legal aids:

Even though international students are highly important to Canada’s society and economy, international students are not eligible for loan for provincial and federal government. You may go for private loans with the help of international students support Canada.

Health aids:

International students are requested to have health insurance, since Canadian universities and colleges may charge you.

Financial aids:

Students, who has already applied and received the funding from the federal employment Insurance, are not eligible for student benefits. The qualified students may receive their funds after approval.

However, the college admission process next year will be more complex, due to the online classes, tests and the changes they have made due to covid-19. But the Education institutions across Canada are seriously giving away to imparting the important helps to international students presently reading in Canada, along with academic accommodations, aid for their intellectual well-being, emergency monetary assistance for college kids in need, housing guide, technical support.