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How can i bring my family being an international student in Canada?

How can i bring my family being an international student in Canada?

If you are a young immigrant and you are studying in Canada, you most likely want to bring your family to the country with you so that they can enjoy the benefits and opportunities that the country has to offer its citizens and immigrants. Well, although it seems like a difficult idea to materialize if there is the possibility of doing it. But then, how can I bring my family being an international student?. Read on and find out how.

Importance of the family of international students

Fortunately, the Canadian government knows the importance of the family nucleus in the lives of international students and how hard a separation can be, even for a short time, which is usually the time that studies last. In this sense, Immigration Canada offers eligibility to international students so that they can bring their family with them while they study in that country.

Who can I bring to Canada?

Spouse or partner. While the student is in her study program, the partner or spouse is eligible for a work permit for the duration of the program. In case the student wishes to undertake a postgraduate study, there is the possibility that the spouse or partner can renew the work permit.

Dependent children. If the student has children under the age of 19 or over the age of 19 with a limiting physical or mental condition that makes them dependent on their parents, they are eligible to bring them to Canada. There is the possibility that the children of international students can attend public elementary and secondary schools in Canada.

Parents. Each student has the option of inviting their parents to Canada while they have their study permit, they can do so with the application for a “Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)” or an “Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)”.

How can I bring my family?

Requesting the corresponding permits that the Canadian Immigration policy allows some members of the family nucleus of international students to study in the country.Spouses or partners must apply for the open work permit with the Canadian visa offices at the same time that the international student presents their study permit. If the student processes their application for studies first, the spouse can enter the country with a visitor visa and later apply for an open work permit.

In the case of children under 19 years of age who are of school age, they can continue their academic studies in the country without the need for a study permit. If any of the children reaches the age of majority, they must request the corresponding study permit to continue. Parents must follow the corresponding procedure to request the “Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)” or an “Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)”, for this they must deliver the required documents to the Canadian visa office, complete the application, pay fees and apply.

The whole family in Canada

So, Can I bring my family being an international student? Definitely yes and the procedure is not complicated to perform. Studying in Canada and taking your family is a very common procedure nowadays and thanks to the generous policies of Immigration in Canada it can materialize without much inconvenience.