Canstudent – Student Portal

Canstudent – Student Portal

Canstudent is a website created to support international students who want to prepare for and study in Canada. Our purpose is to offer free products and services to the registered student community so that they can establish direct and transparent communication with the rest of the members of the site and from wherever they are.

Currently, there is a Pandemic situation that affects the student population and the rest of Canadian citizens. However, once the pandemic ends and normal life begins as before, it is expected that Canstudent’s traffic will be massive and that community members will be able to relate more and better in terms of addressing their concerns and the use of the resources that we have on the website.

What do we offer to international students?

  • The correct advice and guidance they need to start their educational career and to be able to overcome each of the obstacles that may arise along the way.
  • We help them resolve concerns about common problems that often arise in college admission.
  • If they have knowledge gaps in a specific area, we help them find the answers they need to continue on their way.
  • Regarding the subject of accommodation in Canada, we know the reality and we know how difficult it can be, so we guide them step by step so that they can find the best accommodation according to their budget and interests.
  • We help them establish the necessary communication gaps that every student needs to function and succeed in the student environment in which they have to face.
  • We indicate the necessary and minimum recommendations that they must follow from the moment they step on Canadian land at the airport and those that they must do later until they settle in comfortably.
  • We answer all the most common doubts and confusions that they usually face motivated by the new and different adventure they are facing.
  • We alert them to the false news that exists on social networks and badly referenced websites that could disorient them and make them momentarily lose the path they should follow.
  • We help them to adapt to the change in lifestyle they must face and to know a little about the new culture and customs which they will have to accept and maybe share since Canada is a country with many positive things but different from the rest of the countries.
  • Most important of all, we provide international students with the necessary tools and resources to help them prepare for the Canadian job market.

We invite you to join our team

Our intention is to show our student community made up mostly of immigrants that they are not alone but have a team that knows the fears and limitations that Canadian students face. We support and guide you in the correct way so that you can materialize your dream of studying in Canada to later enter the job market and perform successfully in all the tasks that are entrusted to you.